AURA will be printed in late April. If fans outside the U.S. and Canada place a group order of 100 copies or more, the magazines can be bulk shipped to you at significant savings.

Here are the steps:

1. Reach out to fans in your country and see how many people are interested.
2. Assign a reliable point person (or a team of 2 or 3 dedicated, responsible fans) to collect the funds ($24 per magazine plus local postage), names and postal addresses. Don’t send the money yet.
3. Send an email to adamsaura31@gmail.com telling the number of copies being ordered and the address where the bulk shipment will be sent. We will get back to you with an invoice and payment instructions from the printer.
4. When you receive the bulk shipment, you and your team will be responsible for delivering issues to the local purchasers.



A funny thing happened on the way to wrapping up AURA‘s coverage with December 2012. A little thing called the WeAreGlamily mini tour.

Given the choice of keeping this tribute magazine neat and tidy with a 2012 close or closing the issue with this dramatic, colorful Trespassing finale, I’ve decided to conclude AURA on this major high note—the final chapter of Adam’s historic Era 2. No other ending seemed complete.

So whether you attended one or more of the mini tour concerts or watched each show vicariously on blogs and video sites, you probably have an anecdote, a moment, to share.

Don’t over think this. What was your reaction when you first saw the Trespassing stage? Did you cry when Adam sang “Stay”? Were you thrilled the first time—and every time—non-English-speaking audiences sang the final “Broken English” for Adam? Did you love when Adam joked with Japanese fans about the “banana”? Did you gasp when Adam sang “Time for Miracles”?

Keep it short. 50-100 words. Send one memory or a bunch. From one concert or several. Send a few tweets to complete your thought and I’ll piece them together.

Want to send photos with or without a story? How about pictures showing the massive crowds. Or fans decked out in their Trespassing best. Maybe bundled up waiting in line in below freezing temps. Please send 1 or 2 4×5 jpegs approx 1MB or 2MB. Make sure you include: photographer’s name/hometown, names/hometowns of people shown (in your group), city and name of venue, date. NOTE: My thinking here is to mention everyone’s name to avoid hurt feelings. If you want to leave out everyone’s names at least say where you’re all from to underscore how international this fandom is.

DEADLINE: Friday, March 29

A recap of the concert cities may be helpful:

  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Tokyo (3 shows), Kanazawa, Nagoya and Osaka, Japan
  • Shanghai, China
  • Hong Kong, China
  • Singapore
  • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Minsk, Belarus
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Kiev, Ukraine
  • St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Helsinki, Finland

Can’t wait to create this WAG mosaic of our thoughts, feelings and images. I envision it as being a colorful, emotional “exclamation point” to our tribute to Adam. One final expression of the magic, the joy, the goodness, the aura that surrounds this unassuming, fierce and beautiful man. The treasure we call ADAM.

Thank you.


Spread the Word


So glad you’re enjoying the ebook preview. Your support feels great.

As a reminder, the first 500 orders will be shipped by air and those who ordered them will receive a free ebook of the finished magazine. If you want to help us reach our immediate goal of 500, tweet the preview link to the world. Some ideas:

  • Send the link to hashtags— such as #GLAAD, #AmericanIdol, #PFLAG, #FortyToNone, #EQLA, #WeAreFamily, #TrueColors, #FaultMagazine. . .
  • To TV shows Adam has been on— including Graham Norton, Ellen, Leno, Jimmy Fallon, Chelsea Lately, UKXFactor. . .
  • To celebrity supporters— e.g., Paula Abdul, Brian May, Nile Rodgers, Sam Sparrow, Jean Morrison, Meatloaf, Madonna, Gaga, Bieber.
  • To radio and blog supporters— LiamMcEwan, EnergyMusicRadio, ByronCooke, FleckingRecords, PopCrush, Pressparty, Ryan Seacrest.
  • To Adam’s international fan clubs — AdamLambertBE, AdamLambertRUAB, etc.
  • To charities Adam has supported — charity: water, DonorsChoose.com, 1in10, We Are Family Foundation, True Colors, Forty to None
  • To Adam’s circle—the Band, dancers, backup singers, Lee Cherry, SkinGraft, Alisan Porter, Danielle Stori, Sauli Koskinen, Brooke Wendle
  • Post to your worldwide friends on Facebook. On Instagram.

Use your imagination. We can do this. All ideas welcome.

Thanks so much.



The first AURA Preview is live.  Click the photograph of Adam at https://adamlambertaura.wordpress.com/2013/03/15/aura-magazine-preview/ to activate the AURA ebook.

Our short-term goal is to sell 500 copies of the magazine so we can expedite shipping time, offer everyone who purchases a printed AURA their own ebook version of the magazine, and make our first donation to Forty to None. Forty to None is a project of Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Fund, which supports homeless LGBT youth in America. Adam performed for their December 8 fundraiser so we know the organization is worthy of our support.

I share with you a suggestion one buyer passed along to me. She bought 2 copies–one to read and one to keep new. Will probably do the same thing. Another buyer ordered 4 copies—1 for herself, 3 as gifts for fans turned friends. Great thinking.

To order your copy or copies of the printed AURA, go to https://adamlambertaura.wordpress.com/2013/01/17/pre-order-aura-now/

With affection for Adam, we will be mailing in MApril.

Almost AURA Preview Time

Hi! I just approved the final preview and sent it off to our designer. She had a surprise for me. She is currently converting it into a page-turning file so you’ll be able to get an even better feel for the real thing. Yay!

As soon as it’s completed, I will post it here and on the Facebook page, AuraAdamLambert.

I’m expecting it before 5. So just a little longer. . .

Surprise! 1st Online Preview of AURA Coming Friday

Drum roll, please.

I am delighted and grateful to share with you that AURA now has a professional web and graphic designer. Jumping for joy! A Parsons School of Design 2008 graduate, bilingual Michelle Moriyasu was born in Japan and is currently working on creative projects in New York City.

WHICH LEADS ME TO MORE GREAT NEWS:  This coming Friday, MARCH 15, the first in a series of online previews of AURA will debut here on this blog.

Each preview of 8 to 10 pages is designed to give AURA buyers and prospective buyers a sense of what to expect in the print magazine. The 3 or 4 sneak peeks will reveal some of the sections and features of the print version in a fun, entertaining way. Showcasing life-changing, life affirming accounts of Adam’s impact on lives around the globe . . . light-hearted anecdotes of being part of this amazing, crazy fandom . . . stunning fan art and pro photography . . . Top 10 lists . . . sweet tweets . . . good times shared with fans turned friends . . . and some surprises, the previews will switch things up, play with type or layout, keep things interesting and invite your feedback. May even hide clues for a prize or two in its pages to see if you’re reading carefully!!! Of course, fans and future fans will still have to buy a copy of the magazine to get the full story.

Visit this blog, adamlambertaura.wordpress.com, on Friday afternoon to sample your first taste of AURA.

By the way, listen to worldwide, UK-based Energy Music Radio any day this month—http://www.energymusicradio.co.uk/— and you’ll hear ads for AURA every hour.

Off to write my Editor’s Letter. See you Friday.


Dear Friends,

After more than two years spent working on AURA, we have decided to resign from the project team. We truly are sorry to leave the project when Alice needs support to complete the daunting list of tasks that lie ahead. However, our presence has become a distraction. We can’t stand by and watch as some try to derail a project we all care deeply about. It must succeed on behalf of all the fans who entrusted their stories to us and for those who would be helped through the project’s fundraising.

And so by mutual agreement, the two of us are stepping aside. We wish Alice the success she deserves. We trust that others will support her in completing the project she envisioned creating for Adam’s fans.

Light and Love,

J & X

Aura Questions & Answers

We have received questions about AURA, so we wanted to take this opportunity to answer them here:

1. How much will Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Fund/40toNone Project get from AURA sales?

All of the profit will go to Forty to None. The total depends on how many copies are sold. Plus, all sponsor revenues go to the charity.

2. Do you have to buy a copy of AURA to make a contribution?

No. You can make a donation directly to the True Colors Fund. We have set up the Adam Lambert Fans AURA Campaign to give fans a chance to show Cyndi Lauper and her foundation how much we appreciate their support of Adam. You can donate directly here. Continue reading