At long last, I’ve resolved the AURA digital file distribution dilemma.

The challenge was to create a digital file that would be low-res, read-only and share-proof. Low-res, no problem. Read-only—not printable or alterable—check. But protecting it from being shared? Huge challenge.

The more I found out, the clearer it became that preventing sharing isn’t feasible. Explaining to people who bought AURA that the whole publication is suddenly online would be tough. How to resolve? Here goes:

Here is the digital file: AURA LOW-RES WATERMARKED FILE. I will also post the link on Twitter and on various Facebook pages.

—To those who purchased the printed AURA magazine:  I know the heavily watermarked digital file will be annoying, but it may free you from having to open your printed copy as often.

—To those who purchased the digital file only: I will refund your US$10 via PayPal. Email me if you don’t receive the refund in the next few days.

If this watermarked digital file is shared—no worries.

Thank you for your patience. I hope you understand the dilemma and why I’ve resolved it this way. Any Qs, contact If you decide to order a printed copy of AURA, go to:



This past Wednesday, November 20, on the BlogTalkRadio show about AURA, Paula Long, founder of Wear the Music (@WeartheMusicCo) surprised listeners by announcing she is offering a special pendant for one lucky AURA purchaser!

The pendant Paula is donating is “Underneath” in Bronze, which she says looks similar to 10K Gold. Alternatively, if her brand-new piece resonates more with the winner, she’ll substitute this piece in bronze!

How will the winner be selected?

A random number generator will help identify the winner. When I enter the number 1 and the total number of copies purchased through Tuesday, November 26, in the online random number generator, the program will select one number within that range. Then I’ll count through the PayPal and check purchases to identify the person who bought that copy of AURA. If you have already bought one or more copies, you’re in the running. Multiple copies increase your chances, whether you bought multiple copies all at once or over time

The random number will be generated Wednesday, so if you plan to buy a copy of AURA, do so by Tuesday to be eligible for the pendant.

Thanks to Paula for her kindness, generosity and incredible creativity.

Black Friday Offer

Paula’s generosity prompted me to offer a Black Friday special through Monday December 2. If you buy 1 copy, you can buy a second one for 1/2 price. A total of US$36 instead of US$48—$12 savings. And reduced holiday shipping fees still apply.

AURA Angels

If you or someone you know is willing to gift one or more copies of AURA, email

To buy AURA now, go to…/aura-for-the…/. Use Black Friday special prices and holiday shipping fees to calculate your order. For Qs and to order by personal check, postal money order or Western Union, email Thank you.

Wishing you and yours a joyful, safe and healthy holiday season.


Thinking of gifting AURA for the holidays? Need a drool-free copy?

For a limited time, shipping fee will be reduced.

Within the U.S.: 1 copy, no shipping fee; 2 copies, 1 shipping fee ($3.50).

To Canada: 1 copy, USD$9.50 shipping, 2 copies same USD$9.50.

To All Other Countries: 1 copy USD$16.50 shipping, 2 copies same USD$16.50.

AURA is still USD$24.

If gifting, will include your personalized holiday message in the box. Please include message when you order.

To order by PayPal go to

For information on paying by personal check, postal money or Western Union, contact



Just found out today that Lady Gaga has a new song out called Aura. Wow. Interesting. If you notice any tweets about her song, you might want to reply that it’s also the name of a just-published fan tribute magazine for Adam Lambert. A wacky coincidence to say the least. . .


AURA arrived on my doorstep one month ago today. Since then, the magazine has been welcomed with love all over the world!

Reading a few comments posted on Facebook and Twitter by new AURA owners you can feel the excitement. . .

•       “AURA is absolutely amazing. I’m going to read it from cover to cover. It will be treasured forever!! Adam is going to be honored and deeply touched by this!”—Jacque Friend Burris

•       “My copy of AURA came today. It exceeds my every expectation. I’m so grateful to have this incredible memento of Adam to cherish.”—Kathy Williams

•       “AURA has made me fall in love all over again. When you realize that it isn’t just you that he has touched but so many people around the world, it is just so amazing. I am sure Adam didn’t imagine all of this, but he deserves it.”—Lisa Fowler

•       “As @adamlambert is more than a singer, AURA is more than a fan mag. A very inspired/inspiring effort by @plumcomm!”—@annehedonia

•       “My best RL friend came over today. First thing I showed her was AURA. She gently took it out of the box and stroked it as if it were a brand-new baby. She was as proud of it as I am.”—Cameron Willson 

•       “I will spend months reading every word. Michael Sarver’s thoughts on @adamlambert made me cry.”—@80s_and_sunny

•       “AURA is a delightful read and visual thrill 4 any fan as it uniquely floats along a multi-level timeline journey, txs 2 ur great editorial @plumcomm”—@ovationimpact

•       “I’m honored and thrilled to have my stories published in AURA. It’s an EPIC MASTERPIECE that features many beautiful, amazing, tear-jerking, heartfelt stories as well as a variety of light-hearted, fun articles. The poems and art are breathtaking. ENJOY!”—Kim Wayton

•       “I showed AURA to my Zumba gals yesterday. After reading my story they know more about me and why I am such a Glambert. These ladies are now all rooting for Adam in his future endeavors!”—Diane Sears

•       “Just finished reading my story in AURA. A friend bought it for me. I cried. Still am actually. Thank u for including me. Grateful to be here.”—Eric Mettner

•       “Adam Lambert tribute magazine, Aura, is ready for fans” (beautiful post from Frankie at Flecking Records)

Their “new arrival” has led many to order seconds so they can keep one “like new.”  Some are gifting friends. Some have brought AURA to work, to Zumba class, to lunch, to Adam concerts.

All of which has led to the current challenge of demand exceeding supply. As of today, we are down to our last 4 dozen copies, with new orders coming in every day. It’s clear that we need to print more copies. To do so, we need 500 new orders. Group orders would be great, so for orders of 50 or more, we’ll reduce your shipping and postage costs if someone steps up to take the orders, collect the $ and distribute the copies. That person will receive a complimentary copy of AURA. INTERNATIONAL FANS: Your local postage rates are much lower than postage from the U.S. so keep it in mind.

If you would like more information about placing a group order, contact

Just a thought . . . If you are so inclined, you may want to tweet @shoshannastone. If she becomes aware that fans like it, she may want to make it available on a broader scale. At concerts or possibly through the fan club merch site. It’s worth a try anyway.

To all those who contributed stories, poems, drawings, paintings, photographs, bless you. Your generosity, creativity, open hearts and open minds have made AURA the beautiful tribute it is. The insights, love, dedication, and talent in our fandom are truly incredible.

To those who have supported AURA, there are no words to fully express my gratitude. Thank you, thank you.

If you have yet to order AURA, or want to reorder, here’s the link:

If the link doesn’t work, copy and paste into your browser.



Want to order AURA magazine and receive a digital version free of charge?

To order your copy, 1. go to PayPal; 2. access your PayPal account; 3. select Send Money; 4. send payment to Be sure to type this email address correctly for the order to be completed. You will receive a confirmation email from me when I receive confirmation from PayPal that the transaction is complete.

For information on how to pay by check or money order, please email

  • Price:  USD $24.00 per copy
  • NOTE: International postage rates have gone up since we first announced AURA in January. U.S. rates remain the same.
  • Please add postage and shipping as follows for each copy:
    • $3.50 per copy for delivery within the United States
    • $13.00 per copy for delivery to Canada.
    • $20.00 per copy for delivery outside the U.S. and Canada.
    • THANK YOU!!



As you may know, the shipment of AURA magazines arrived from the printer on Friday, July 5, as scheduled.

Yesterday, my son and I packed all the AURA orders. See photo (below). Starting tomorrow and continuing for a few days, all current orders will be mailed out.

Some extra copies remain, but not a lot. If you want to order a copy to keep drool-proof, send one to family or friends because your story is included, or send one as a gift you can still place an order. When they’re gone, they’re gone .  .  . unless or until we get orders for another 500 magazines, at which time we can go back to press.

Some vital statistics:

  • AURA is a long, slender 9x12x.27 inches, with 140 pages plus front and back cover illustrations, weighing in at over a pound.
  • The stunning cover photograph of Adam was taken by Claire Low, @GlambertPianist, during his Singapore WAG Tour concert.
  • The exquisite back cover drawing was created by Svetlana Egorova, @ListoffSAY, after Adam’s Life Ball performance in Vienna, Austria.
  • Words and images were submitted by fans and professionals from 27 countries.
  • Fans from 25 of the 50 United States are represented.
  • While not a chronological record of Adam’s journey since Idol, AURA is organized into loose time-frames preceded by a section of stories that set the scene: Introduction; American Idol 2009; FYE/Glam Nation Tour 2010; Trespassing 2012, including a photo-rich section on Queen & Adam Lambert; and Globetrotting/WAG Tour.
  • Beyond fan art and impact stories, AURA includes insights and perspectives from people who know, respect—and  love—Adam: e.g., Michael Orland, Adam’s Idol coach and pianist; Brian May, yes THAT Brian May;  Adam’s long-time friend Eden Espinosa; AI8 contestant Michael Sarver; et al.

Want to order a copy? Go to, open your account, type in the AURA email address CAREFULLY— Magazines are each $24 plus shipping/postage; provide postage for each copy. In the US, add $3.50 ($27.50 per copy). In Canada, add $6 ($30 per copy). For all other countries add $13 ($37 per copy). If you purchase a magazine, a complimentary digital file will follow soon. If you want a digital file without purchasing the magazine, it’s $10 via PayPal or by check.

Want to know if your story or artwork is in the magazine? What page your work is on? How to pay by check for the magazine and free digital file or just a read-only digital file? Email me at

AURA. It’s Finally Happening.

AURA orders being packed 7/6 for 7/8 mailing.

AURA orders being readied for mailing.


The AURA magazine shipment is set to arrive in New York from the printer tonight!

We’ll be packaging the orders during the weekend and start mailing them Monday. If I’ve sent you an email asking for your address or to confirm your order, the sooner you reply the sooner I can mail your magazine.

We currently have extra copies should you decide you want to order one, keep a second copy droolproof, send one to family or friends as a gift, etc. To order, go to:  The magazine is $24 plus shipping: $3.50 US, $6 Canada, $13 elsewhere.

When the supply of AURA magazines is gone, it’s gone, unless or until groups of state or national fans pool their orders, totaling 500 copies minimum. At that time, I can place a new order with the printer.

Thank you for your patience. I hope you agree it’s a worthy tribute to Adam and his awesome fans.

This Week’s Update: Production, Triumphs and an Offer

In celebratory mode. . . After several futile attempts over the past few months, I finally heard back today from Brian May. He sent me a short and funny comment about Adam for AURA. So happy Brian will have a presence in our tribute.

Today’s second victory: After months of no replies to my emails, MTV responded today to my request for photos of Adam from VH1 DIVAS.  They sent  9 photos of fashion, “Last Dance” and “Ray of Light” to use as I choose! Just need to run photo credit. Yes!

Production is proceeding beautifully. So much material. OMG!!!

Last week’s highlight: An awesome anecdote from Michael Sarver about how friendship with Adam changed his life!

Have a last-minute project for anyone ready, willing and able to take it on. Lambosessed has given me permission to recap for AURA readers all the performance information she has chronicled on her video site. Great news. Fabulous. A timeline of sorts would be wonderful content. But I can’t take on that project at this time in the production process. If anyone is willing to take this on 100% and will be able to create a Word doc from all the events she has chronicled by this coming Friday, April 26, I will give you a free copy of AURA. Must have it by Friday so let me know. Email me at

Back to proofing.


As you may know, when you purchase a printed, hard copy of AURA, you will receive the magazine plus a free-of-charge read-only eBook.

If you want to order an eBook ONLY—that is, without the printed magazine—you may now purchase a read-only eBook on at the same email address: The price: USD$10.00.

NOTE: For those who have asked me to add a BUY NOW button to the PayPal site, I hear you. But despite following all directions and tutorials, unlocking the key to the BUY NOW button kingdom remains beyond my grasp. I remain optimistic, however, that I will find a PayPal muse willing and able to make this happen.

Want to help? Please leave a comment on this post. Thank you.