AURA: The Life-changing Connection Between Adam Lambert & His Fans, is an artistic, keepsake tribute magazine that brings together Adam Lambert’s artistry and the passion of his fans to raise global awareness about homelessness among LGBTQ youth and the Forty to None Project.

Fan-contributed stories have been developed through interviews, online research, and outreach by the editorial team. They include accounts of a newfound passion for the arts, bold career changes, LGBT fans being emboldened to come out, and fans launching social media initiatives to bring the live concert experience to thousands unable to attend due to family hardships. Soliciting contributions over fan blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and at concerts, we have cast a wide net to ensure that the contributions are representative of Adam’s stunningly diverse fan base: all ages, male and female, straight, gay and lesbian, from around the world.  

Sales of AURA will raise funding for Cindy Lauper’s Forty to None Project, a cause Adam supports. Forty to None is raising awareness about the epidemic of homelessness among LGBTQ youth and is helping these young people who have been rejected by their own families to find safe havens and a better future.

Information for sponsors and ordering copies will be posted in our news blog. Please scroll down to sign up for email alerts.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m soooo excited about this!! It’s happening at JUST THE RIGHT TIME!! I will learn more & more as I go along, but I just wanted Adam and everybody to know that I’m with you ALL THE WAY!!

  2. Oh that will be GREAT!! I’m SURE he knows how MUCH we all love him and need him, but it never hurts to let him know again and again!! 🙂 xo

  3. hello there,
    could you please let me know how many copies you can send for $13?
    we have a group of people from new zealand that are interested in ordering and would like to save on postage as much as possible.
    thank you, vesna

    • Hi Verna, Shipping for each issue sent to New Zealand is $13. To figure out if it’s more economical to ship a bunch of magazines together, keep in mind each issue weighs 18 ounces. Multiply by the number of issues you want to order to find the total weight, then apply whatever postal rate there is for that weight. See if that works out better than shipping individually. Your local post office would surely be helpful.

    • If you can order 100 copies for New Zealand, we can ask our printer to air freight the magazines to you for $316. The recipient in New Zealand would need to collect local postage and addresses, and deliver them to individual buyers.

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