Want to order AURA magazine and receive a digital version free of charge?

To order your copy, 1. go to PayPal; 2. access your PayPal account; 3. select Send Money; 4. send payment to Be sure to type this email address correctly for the order to be completed. You will receive a confirmation email from me when I receive confirmation from PayPal that the transaction is complete.

For information on how to pay by check or money order, please email

  • Price:  USD $24.00 per copy
  • NOTE: International postage rates have gone up since we first announced AURA in January. U.S. rates remain the same.
  • Please add postage and shipping as follows for each copy:
    • $3.50 per copy for delivery within the United States
    • $13.00 per copy for delivery to Canada.
    • $20.00 per copy for delivery outside the U.S. and Canada.
    • THANK YOU!!



5 thoughts on “GOT AURA?

  1. Have alredy started reading this. I squeed when it dropped through my letterbox. Thank you so much the pictures are gorgeous and the stories are heartwarming. Again thank you for putting it together we in th UK have to get our fill of Adam anyway we can and this is truly amazing.

    • Hi Jacqui
      So happy yours has arrived and that you are enjoying it. We are fast running out of copies. You might want to tweet Shoshanna. If she knows fans are enjoying it maybe they will want to figure out a way to produce more and increase accessibility, perhaps by offering for sale at concerts or via the fan club.

      Thanks for your note.

  2. Thank you so much for my copy of Aura Magazine. It sits proudly on my coffee table! Will I be receiving a free digital copy as well?

    I’d love to have the digital copy if possible please. The Aura Magazine is truly a beautiful tribute to the man that inspires us all.

    Claire Tucker

    Thanks so much.

    Sent from my iPad

  3. I had began to amass a Queen collection a few years ago. Due to Adam’s connection with Queen, i’m sure this will be a neat addition. Am hoping QAL will tour 2014. Determined to get spinal issues under control if they come on East Coast in 2014. Anywhere near Philly, I’m going.

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