The AURA magazine shipment is set to arrive in New York from the printer tonight!

We’ll be packaging the orders during the weekend and start mailing them Monday. If I’ve sent you an email asking for your address or to confirm your order, the sooner you reply the sooner I can mail your magazine.

We currently have extra copies should you decide you want to order one, keep a second copy droolproof, send one to family or friends as a gift, etc. To order, go to:  The magazine is $24 plus shipping: $3.50 US, $6 Canada, $13 elsewhere.

When the supply of AURA magazines is gone, it’s gone, unless or until groups of state or national fans pool their orders, totaling 500 copies minimum. At that time, I can place a new order with the printer.

Thank you for your patience. I hope you agree it’s a worthy tribute to Adam and his awesome fans.



  1. thants too funny!!! I was just thinking about this magazin in the morning when I saw this mail!!! Cant wait!!!!

    • Morning Lilli!
      So glad you’re part of this project. Those days together were priceless!! Can’t wait to see you again. So we have some extras but not all that many! Maybe check with friends after they see your copy to see if they want to order. Unless we get a few large orders, enabling me to go back to press, when the current supply is gone they’re gone!!

      Take care ♡♥♡♥

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