This Week’s Update: Production, Triumphs and an Offer

In celebratory mode. . . After several futile attempts over the past few months, I finally heard back today from Brian May. He sent me a short and funny comment about Adam for AURA. So happy Brian will have a presence in our tribute.

Today’s second victory: After months of no replies to my emails, MTV responded today to my request for photos of Adam from VH1 DIVAS.  They sent  9 photos of fashion, “Last Dance” and “Ray of Light” to use as I choose! Just need to run photo credit. Yes!

Production is proceeding beautifully. So much material. OMG!!!

Last week’s highlight: An awesome anecdote from Michael Sarver about how friendship with Adam changed his life!

Have a last-minute project for anyone ready, willing and able to take it on. Lambosessed has given me permission to recap for AURA readers all the performance information she has chronicled on her video site. Great news. Fabulous. A timeline of sorts would be wonderful content. But I can’t take on that project at this time in the production process. If anyone is willing to take this on 100% and will be able to create a Word doc from all the events she has chronicled by this coming Friday, April 26, I will give you a free copy of AURA. Must have it by Friday so let me know. Email me at

Back to proofing.