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So glad you’re enjoying the ebook preview. Your support feels great.

As a reminder, the first 500 orders will be shipped by air and those who ordered them will receive a free ebook of the finished magazine. If you want to help us reach our immediate goal of 500, tweet the preview link to the world. Some ideas:

  • Send the link to hashtags— such as #GLAAD, #AmericanIdol, #PFLAG, #FortyToNone, #EQLA, #WeAreFamily, #TrueColors, #FaultMagazine. . .
  • To TV shows Adam has been on— including Graham Norton, Ellen, Leno, Jimmy Fallon, Chelsea Lately, UKXFactor. . .
  • To celebrity supporters— e.g., Paula Abdul, Brian May, Nile Rodgers, Sam Sparrow, Jean Morrison, Meatloaf, Madonna, Gaga, Bieber.
  • To radio and blog supporters— LiamMcEwan, EnergyMusicRadio, ByronCooke, FleckingRecords, PopCrush, Pressparty, Ryan Seacrest.
  • To Adam’s international fan clubs — AdamLambertBE, AdamLambertRUAB, etc.
  • To charities Adam has supported — charity: water, DonorsChoose.com, 1in10, We Are Family Foundation, True Colors, Forty to None
  • To Adam’s circle—the Band, dancers, backup singers, Lee Cherry, SkinGraft, Alisan Porter, Danielle Stori, Sauli Koskinen, Brooke Wendle
  • Post to your worldwide friends on Facebook. On Instagram.

Use your imagination. We can do this. All ideas welcome.

Thanks so much.



6 thoughts on “Spread the Word

  1. I was really impressed with the preview and now cannot wait to see and hold the real thing. Adam has helped me cope in many ways this last year and I feel so blessed to have found an amazing entertainer and man in him. Thank you again for doing this and I’ll be bouncing very high when I received my copy.

    • Aww. Thank you so much. Loving Adam is like nothing else. We feel so strongly about this man and the network of friends he has brought to us. I’ll be bouncing very high along with you when AURA is finished!! XOXOXO

  2. Hi Alice!

    Thanks for suggesting spreading the word. I was going to send an email asking if fans can post to Facebook and on Twitter and other social sites. “Connected”….as all true Adam fans are! I have just one question before I send Tweets with the AURA preview link to many people! Is it OK to include Adams name as @adamlambert in the tweet or better not to? My thought being….many will retweet (we hope)! Is this something we/you want Adam to see right now….or not? He’d get lots of tweets via retweets. I want to promote AURA on Twitter but Im not sure if you want me to use your idea from AURA cover to promote? The words are very attractive and well phrased but don’t want to use AURAs cover wording and phrase on Twitter if you’d rather I not. If I tweet can I say…. AURA preview CELEBRATING the Life-changing connection between @adamlambert and his fans or should I say: AURA-CELEBRATING the Life-changing connection between Adam Lambert and his fans. Do you prefer one over the other?

    I started this email more than 24 hours ago while in the hospital waiting room as they prepared my dad for outpatient surgery. While writing, a nurse approached me and explained that my dad had a complete ventricular tachycardia (heart attack)and was brought back using shock therapy paddles! He was already scheduled to have his pacemaker/defibrillator battery changed so we are VERY lucky that I had just gotten him to the hospital when the sudden heart attack occurred! Obviously my frame of mind quickly changed from Adams AURA to my dads AURA! They had to go ahead with the surgery because his ICD device had no more battery life left! Needless to say I’ve been busy keeping family members up-to-date and caring for him as well as making all his follow-up appointments and working and all. Ive missed a lot of Adam videos, news and photos:( Don’t worry though! I save everything for future reading….stollen moments:D Adam would insist that I care for my dad and catch up on him later….that’s our Adam! I have treated myself to a few quick peaks at some of my favorite fan sites including On The Meaning of Adam Lambert! I’ve allowed myself a few 10 minute iced tea breaks and have peaked at Twitter and have been able to keep up a little that way:) Adam ALWAYS balance and calms me when I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed! That’s ADAM’S AURA…

    Thanks for everything! I still plan on posting my comment in support of the magazine preview:)

    Kim @motheranimal1

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  3. I will keep a log of the ones I tweeted and or emailed. I’m on it. SALES SALES SALES. Can Liam advertise on his Adam Lambert Hour?


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