Surprise! 1st Online Preview of AURA Coming Friday

Drum roll, please.

I am delighted and grateful to share with you that AURA now has a professional web and graphic designer. Jumping for joy! A Parsons School of Design 2008 graduate, bilingual Michelle Moriyasu was born in Japan and is currently working on creative projects in New York City.

WHICH LEADS ME TO MORE GREAT NEWS:  This coming Friday, MARCH 15, the first in a series of online previews of AURA will debut here on this blog.

Each preview of 8 to 10 pages is designed to give AURA buyers and prospective buyers a sense of what to expect in the print magazine. The 3 or 4 sneak peeks will reveal some of the sections and features of the print version in a fun, entertaining way. Showcasing life-changing, life affirming accounts of Adam’s impact on lives around the globe . . . light-hearted anecdotes of being part of this amazing, crazy fandom . . . stunning fan art and pro photography . . . Top 10 lists . . . sweet tweets . . . good times shared with fans turned friends . . . and some surprises, the previews will switch things up, play with type or layout, keep things interesting and invite your feedback. May even hide clues for a prize or two in its pages to see if you’re reading carefully!!! Of course, fans and future fans will still have to buy a copy of the magazine to get the full story.

Visit this blog,, on Friday afternoon to sample your first taste of AURA.

By the way, listen to worldwide, UK-based Energy Music Radio any day this month—— and you’ll hear ads for AURA every hour.

Off to write my Editor’s Letter. See you Friday.


8 thoughts on “Surprise! 1st Online Preview of AURA Coming Friday

  1. This is such exciting news!!! Many thanks for all of your hard work Alice. It’s been a long challenging road I know! My best, Marilyn

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Thank you so much! It’s been a long time coming but it’s gonna be awesome! Now just have to get 4 months work done in 3 weeks. For Adam? No problem.
      You can pre-order right here on the blog. Just scroll for Pre-Ordering Info. BTW Someone gave me a good idea earlier. Buy 2 copies: 1 to drool over, 1 to keep clean. Just passing along the info. XO

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