Dear Friends,

After more than two years spent working on AURA, we have decided to resign from the project team. We truly are sorry to leave the project when Alice needs support to complete the daunting list of tasks that lie ahead. However, our presence has become a distraction. We can’t stand by and watch as some try to derail a project we all care deeply about. It must succeed on behalf of all the fans who entrusted their stories to us and for those who would be helped through the project’s fundraising.

And so by mutual agreement, the two of us are stepping aside. We wish Alice the success she deserves. We trust that others will support her in completing the project she envisioned creating for Adam’s fans.

Light and Love,

J & X


4 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. I am very sad to hear this news… having just spent weeks of giving comfort and care to my husband during his end of his life process I awaken to the realization that we do need to love each other and lose the verbal attack to others behavior at any and all communication levels. WHEN ALL IS STRIPPED AWAYS ALL THAT MATTERS IS LOVE. To work together without self importance gives us (humans) the strength to get though the difficult times of life that lay ahead with grace.

    What ever the cause for you both to be considered a distraction to the Aura project I wish it/them enlightenment to the joys of life as we journey together.

    I appreciate all that you both have done to get the Aura project (PLUS ALL THE THINGS YOU DO FOR ADAM LAMBERT AND HIS FANS) to its current state and send Alice my deepest appreciation for what she is doing to go above and beyond for us fans of Adam Lambert.

  2. I’m very sorry to hear this. I’ve read the blog from the other party who is disputing you on the project and it’s a shame that things have gotten so complicated. It’s apparent that you both you have put a lot of thought into your decision and I regret that you have to step away from the project at this time. I’ll continue to be a loyal follower of your daily blog and trust that your endeavors will continue to shine light on Adam and his countless fans. Take care, Marilyn @tchrsd

  3. My heart just dropped! Very sad to hear that you 2 are stepping aside! Knowing how passionate you are about everything Adam, it must have been heartbreaking to walk away! I will continue always to recieve and enjoy your ‘On the meaning of Adam lambert” emails! If the fans can help even futher , than tell Alic e to reach out!

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