Aura Questions & Answers

We have received questions about AURA, so we wanted to take this opportunity to answer them here:

1. How much will Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Fund/40toNone Project get from AURA sales?

All of the profit will go to Forty to None. The total depends on how many copies are sold. Plus, all sponsor revenues go to the charity.

2. Do you have to buy a copy of AURA to make a contribution?

No. You can make a donation directly to the True Colors Fund. We have set up the Adam Lambert Fans AURA Campaign to give fans a chance to show Cyndi Lauper and her foundation how much we appreciate their support of Adam. You can donate directly here.

3. Are people getting paid to produce AURA?

Yes. We need to compensate freelancers for revenues foregone to work on this project.

4. Will AURA make a profit?

No. Any revenues after costs are being donated to Forty to None. AURA will not make a profit.

5. Does Adam know about AURA?

Adam’s management company and official Fan Club were informed about this project since its inception in 2010. We offered them our business plan as a revenue generator for the Fan Club and were kindly encouraged to undertake this as an independent project. We have kept his management informed about the progress of the project and the charity component.

6. Why do some people think this project was authorized by Adam?

One of our team members blogged that she was excited to be working on a project with a team “hand-picked” by Adam, however she was not referring to AURA, but a different project with other people. At our request she issued a public clarification.

7. How did you get the stories, art and photos?

We solicited fans at concerts and posted requests for submissions through the On the Meaning of Adam Lambert blog.  We also invited participation at concerts, Glamfests, through Facebook, Twitter and word of mouth. For each submission we obtained signed permission from the author, artist or photographer to use it in our publication.

8. Someone said AURA is a copy of an online fanzine project called Bedlam.

Here’s the link to Bedlam  We first heard about Bedlam on January 21, 2013. Over the two years since the vision was first conceived, AURA was planned as a single issue publication in print, original content with all permissions of the authors, artists or photographers.

9. Why do some people want to prevent the publication of AURA?

We couldn’t possibly speculate.  We think that this high-quality print publication, full of fan-created content, showing the depth of love and appreciation we have for Adam and his multitude of contributions to our lives and the entertainment world, is a beautiful tribute to Adam and his fans.  For the eyes he has opened to the causes of bullying prevention and gay rights, among others. For those very people to share their testimonials with the world.

Please check with us if you have any questions or concerns.


9 thoughts on “Aura Questions & Answers

  1. thanks for this post! hope this is able to clear up some on the confusion and misinformation going around! very much looking forward to the magazine!!!

  2. Tweeted this to Neil and Eber. Get ready for the shit. Thought long and hard before doing this and decided this was definitely worth the imbeciles that unfollow me. I got your back. 100% {{{HUGS}}}

  3. @MookylovesAdam and @wismiss3 keep favoriting and RTing me. Seems to be on your side-hope you’re following them.Also @Bellesxxoo.

    Just thought you’d like to hear some positive stuff Cameron

  4. What is your cost to produce these magazines? Does it depend on how many are produced or are your printing a set amount? What if you don’t meet that cost? Your cost should be made public so that fans know how much they have to raise in order to cover your costs. Until that is met, there is no money going to the charity, correct?

    • Hi Sonja,
      Our current goal is 500 copies. At that point we can send all pre-orders by air to speed up delivery and give each buyer a free digital version of the magazine. You are eligible for a WeartheMusic “Underneath” pendant if you purchase AURA; alternatively, if you choose not to order, just send me an email asking to be included in the drawing. Regards, Alice

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