Special Offer for International Adam Lambert Fans

boeing_airmailWe are so excited to finally be nearing the production stage of AURA. So much love and TLC has gone into creating this tribute magazine, celebrating Adam Lambert and the incredible impact he has had on our lives. AURA will be printed by a premier printer in South Korea. If fans outside the U.S. and Canada want to band together and place an order of 100 copies or more, we will be able to bulk ship them to you at a significant savings.

Here are the steps:

  1. Reach out to fans in your country and see how many people are interested.
  2. Assign a reliable point person (or a team of 2 or 3 dedicated, responsible fans) to collect the funds ($24 per magazine plus local postage), names and postal addresses. Don’t send the money yet.
  3. Send an email to adamsaura31@gmail.com telling the number of copies being ordered and the address where the bulk shipment will be sent. We will get back to you with an invoice and payment instructions.
  4. When you receive the bulk shipment, you and your team will be responsible for delivering issues to the local purchasers.

DEADLINE: February 25, 2013


2 thoughts on “Special Offer for International Adam Lambert Fans

  1. Need info on how to donate mag gifts! I want to gift to 3 ppl, but only know one email addy. VicStix@gmail.com. The other 2 can go to ppl in the Dungeon-one to Jacqui Friend Burris and another of your choice. Thanks for your time-can’t imagine how busy you are right now-4 days and counting!

    Cameron @GlamGran58

    • Hey Cameron, Thanks for gifting. Great idea. Simplest way is to order the number of copies you want for yourself and to gift, send them the copies directly. For the wild card, do as you wish. Maybe FCFS on Facebook. Or Twitter. XO.

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