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Welcome to the virtual home of the Adam Lambert tribute magazine, AURA: The Life-changing Connection Between Adam Lambert & His Fans.  

As we near AURA‘s publication date—January 29, 2013, Adam’s 31st birthday—we’re excited to take you behind the scenes, share sneak peeks and contests, keep you posted on AURA‘s progress, and answer your questions.

A fun- & fact-filled keepsake, AURA is also a fundraiser for the Forty to None project of Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Fund. We invite individuals and companies to join in sponsoring AURA because each donation will benefit homeless teens, while helping to cover up-front costs to produce, print and deliver AURA. And as the total of magazine purchases climbs, so does the percent of contribution to Forty to None.

Forty percent of homeless teens are homosexual, bisexual, transgender or questioning their sexual orientation or identity. Forty to None aims to reduce that percentage to zero. 

AURA will be treasured by fans around the world, while educating and inspiring them to support the Forty to None mission—in Adam’s honor. We’ve witnessed repeatedly the record-smashing fundraising power of Adam’s fans with previous worthy causes. We hope to unleash the same energy for the Forty to None project.

How you will benefit by sponsoring AURA:

  • Global reach to Adam’s diverse fan base
  • You’re helping LGBTQ homeless teens
  • Your support magnifies public awareness of Forty to None’s mission
  • Funds are leveraged to increase public giving

For more information, request a Sponsor Prospectus by filling out the form below:

Thank you.



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