Pre-Order AURA now!

After many months of compiling, creating and designing, AURA is almost ready to be sent to our printer. To keep production costs down, we are having the magazines shipped by ocean, which adds about a month to delivery time. But there is a way to expedite your copy or copies’ arrival. If you pre-order now, we will ship your magazine or magazines by air freight for much earlier arrival. We will need a minimum of 500 pre-orders to make this possible.

Naturally, the more orders we receive, the greater our contribution to the Forty to None project. Forty to None is a project of Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Fund, which supports and advocates for the thousands of homeless LGBTQ teens.

If you pre-order now, you also will receive a digital version of AURA free of charge.

After all expenses are covered, profits will be donated to the Forty to None project for homeless LGBTQ youth. You may also donate directly through the Adam Lambert Fans AURA Campaign without purchasing the magazine.

Order your copy by going to PayPal (credit card payment can also be processed by PayPal) and sending payment to For information on paying by check or money order, please email 

  • Price:  USD $24.00 per copy
  • Please add postage and handling as follows:
    • $3.50 per copy for delivery within the United States
    • $6.00 per copy for delivery to Canada
    • $13.00 per copy for delivery outside the U.S. and Canada
    • For multiple copies, please calculate shipping based on 18 oz weight per copy. Use the USPS Bound Printed Matter calculator or International Calculator.

Place your order today for expedited shipping and a free digital version!


44 thoughts on “Pre-Order AURA now!

  1. I don’t get how to pre-order. I know I have a Paypal account, but I don’t get how to order. Should I just send an email to this person?

    • You’ll need to log in to PayPal. Under the “Buy” tab, go to “Make a Payment”. You’ll be prompted to enter your email address and the seller’s email address (, and the amount you are sending.

      • Hi..I am ordering this is pay pal but I am very disappointed that I have tried several times to make contact with you about Jasmine a 14 yr old girl that was Adam’s biggest fan…she passed away in Nov…very special story adam visited her during GNT…i understand that you were probably over loaded with stories but this one i wish you had considered.

      • Hi A! Thankyou! The check is on it’s way! Hope many will reserve their copy. It will be a wonderful keepsake and source of inspiration for new fans just getting to know Adam. He certainly did well on his WAG non-tour tour! Any hint of approximate delivery? Just curious if the 500 quota has been met. I know there is a lot involved, but can’t imagine any Glambert living without this great tribute to Adam. I’m going to see him in San Diego and can hardly wait! :)))

  2. I started to do this and got to the end and it said “no shipping address” . How do we get our copies if you don’t have an address?

  3. Hi there, I’d like to order two copies to be shipped to Germany. For international shipping fees, there are too many options on the USPS site. Could you please tell me how you’re planning on shipping them? Big envelope, padded envelope, Package? Envelope too rigid to bend, variation in thickness? (That’s what they’re asking 😦 ) Express mail etc? Please help. Thank you 🙂

  4. hi, have you considered “digital copy” only sale? added postage makes it very expensive for international fans. if you offer “digital copy” for let’s say $7, maybe more people would buy it, therefore more money for charity. also, a sample of few pages, the “look and feel” would be good so people know what to expect. just a thought.

  5. Hello again, is there anything you could tell me about the shipping options, yet? See my 1st post. Help would be much appreciated. Thanks again.

  6. I pre-ordered 3 copies for shipping to the U.S. I included shipping costs. Am I safe in assuming you will receive my mailing address via PayPal or do I need to send it to you some other way?

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    • HI Karen,
      Yes, some people have opted to pay by check. If you choose to do so, please send a check for $27.50 (one copy), payable to Plum Communications, to:
      Plum Communications, 263 9th Street, Bethpage, NY 11714. Be sure to include your address. Hope this works for you. Thanks much.

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  11. On my way to order and have posted to FB and my twitter acct. Hope this will bring more subscribers, as I can’t imagine any Glambert not wanting to own this magazine. I also hope Adam will read it and know how very much he has touched people and has made the world a better place. He certainly has touched me during a difficult time and has spread joy and positive energy wherever in the world he goes. I admire and respect him so much, as well as am entertained by his glorious voice and stage presence.

    • Sharon–Thank you so much. Feel free to use Adam’s twitter name in your tweet and tweet/RT often. See if you can recruit some helpers to do the same. Need to get the sales up to ship via air. Merci!

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  13. What is the status of the magazine (finished, shipped, etc?) Are you still taking pre-orders and/or payments? I haven’t seen anything posted since April, so I am curious of status!

    • Hi MIchelle
      Sorry I’ve been out of touch. Work has been pretty intense. The press will roll before I head for Pittsburgh. I’ve been in touch w printer, they’re doing prep now. And yes, you can still order a copy. If all goes smoothly, AURA will mail during the week of 6/24.

    • Michelle, Hi!,
      Yes we’re still taking orders. In fact, the first copy of AURA arrived at my doorstep this evening. Full shipment due Friday. I’ll be mailing out US orders Monday, with Intl and Canada to follow. To order by PayPal, go to your account, type in and $27.50 ($24 plus $3.50 U.S. shipping, $6 Canada, $13 Intl). If you rather pay by check, send $24 + $3.50 (U.S. shipping) = $27.50 to Plum Communications, 263 9th Street, Bethpage, NY 11714. Check payable to Plum Communications. Write AURA magazine in the bottom left corner of the check. Thanks for asking!

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