Why is the Adam Lambert tribute magazine called AURA? Is the title an acronym for Adam U– R– A– something? Is it a reference to his being a Right-handed Aquarius . . . Rocking Awesome . . . Richly Artistic . . . or Real Alien?

Not so much. The title comes from Adam’s incredible positivity, his energizing, inspirational inner and outer glow. Fans who have met Adam or been close to him during a concert have experienced the strength of his personal power, charisma, magnetic personality. You almost can’t look away. After searching for a short word that embodies Adam’s impact on people’s lives, his role as a change agent, the way he makes us feel, our friend and D.C. Glambert, Bellina Lambdin, suddenly said “Aura.” Nailed it.

AURA will capture Adam’s journey from post-“American Idol” 2009 through the end of 2012, showcasing fan impact stories and poetry . . . Top 10 firsts & favorites . . . tributes from business and entertainment leaders . . . career highlights, fun facts, awards & honors. Creative ventures inspired by Adam, fans supporting his career and concerts, fans becoming friends and crashing websites, stunning photographs, remarkable illustrations, favorite tweets, quotable quotes, and much more will enliven our 100-page tribute to Adam Mitchel Lambert.  AURA. Coming soon!


14 thoughts on “Why AURA?

    • Hi Deb,
      Thanks for the wave! So glad you found our blog. Just started it. Lots to come including contests and terrific prizes for preordering AURA. Spread the word!

      I’ll be sending you your story to finalize this week. Watch for it.

    • Thanks, Sharon! Preordering starts soon! You can help by spreading the word about the AURA blog and to watch for preordering information. Names of those who order the first 500 copies will be entered into a drawing for a prize from Pennyroyal. Watch for details.

    • Thanks! Gonna be great. The stories, art, photos, surprise writers are such a tribute to Adam. Love Respect from all. Plus it’s a fundraiser. The more copies purchased, the more $ goes to support the 40 to None project, which is part of Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Fund, which supports and advocates for homeless LGBTQ teens. Spread the word.

    • Hi Diane! It’s getting exciting, right? Preordering AURA, $24 plus shipping, includes a free digital version. And it’s a fundraiser for 40 to None, project of Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Fund, so the more copies purchased the more $ goes toward helping the homeless LGBTQ teens who have been discarded by their families. I can’t even imagine what that’s like. Those who buy the first 500 copies are automatically entered in a drawing for jewelry donated by Pennyroyal. Other contests to come. Talk it up. Spread the word. AURA is coming!

  1. cannot wait! sorry I wasn’t able to contribute my own experience discovering adam but looking forward to reading about all of yours.

  2. Love it. Will wait for the magazine with bated Adam breath! Thank you for these talented ladies, thank you Glamberts, I am too. Keep me in the loop!

    • Hi Evvy, So excited to share AURA with everyone! It is yet another measure of how loved and admired Adam is. The stories along with photos and fan art, should be pretty powerful. Stay tuned!!

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