AURA is coming!

We have all felt the “Lambert Effect” – the profound feelings of transformation inspired by Adam Lambert. We have heard these stories, from fans around the world of every age, race, nationality, gender and sexual orientation. Adam has touched lives in more ways than can be counted. This amazing phenomenon deserves to be celebrated, and so AURA was born – a single-issue tribute magazine created by and for fans.

AURA will be richly illustrated and accompanied by compelling essays, heart-felt fan testimonials, beautiful photography, fan art, fun facts and stats, all packaged in an elegant, edgy design. Commentaries on Adam’s music, videos, televised performances, concerts and advocacy for Equality will be showcased along with  personal narratives and poetry reflecting the myriad ways in which he has profoundly changed lives, hearts, and minds. AURA will include special essays written exclusively for us by some of Adam’s close friends and collaborators.

Sales of AURA will raise funding for Cyndi Lauper’s Forty to None Project, a cause Adam supports. Forty to None is raising awareness about the epidemic of homelessness among LGBTQ youth and is helping these young people who have been rejected by their own families to find safe havens and a better future.

Information about how to reserve your copy of this keepsake magazine will be posted soon. Don’t miss out! Please scroll down to sign up for email alerts.


14 thoughts on “AURA is coming!

    • Hi, Dori! Welcome! Watch for pre-ordering info. Buy one of the first 500 copies of AURA and be entered in a drawing for a Pennyroyal prize. More prizes, contests coming.

    • Hi! Where are you? Can’t wait to share AURA with everyone. The love, adoration and gratitude that come through the stories are really incredible. Preordering information coming this week, so watch for it. We are all so fortunate to have Adam in our lives. XO

  1. I am REALLY excited about this Tribute Mag!! The PICTURE is enough to drive ya crazy…if ya ain’t already, ha ha!! I’m really keeping an eye out for the pre-ordering info!!

  2. Any chance that it can just be bought in a digital pdf.. I cant afford the cost of the mag plus the postage to New Zealand and there would be many more like me. Thanks.. it might be the only way I can buy it.

  3. Thrilled seeing this come to life Alice. It’s always been a pleasure having you with me in Twitter World. We’ve shared many wonderful times together over the years #BertingBeyondBelief. Congrats sweetheart & definitely add my name to your list. I hope to see many more issues to follow. Lots of love, hugs & kisses 😉

    • Aww, thank you so much. Really excited to show everyone all the amazing creativity in our wacky fandom. Have you ordered a copy of AURA? Just follow the link to order. Have a good night! XO ALice

  4. Alice,
    Sent you a payment via PayPal today. Also want to confirm you got my Release Form that I emailed you yesterday.
    Many thanks,

  5. Alice, just want to thank you for all your hard work. Thanks also to all who have been involved in making this come to life. Love you guys!

    • Aww, thank you so much. If the love and support I am receiving were money, I’d be rich right now. So many supportive, helpful, kind and appreciative people. . . But we need to boost sales. See what you can do. Talk it up. Tweet Adam’s celebrity supporters, organizations he has supported, friends, music bloggers. We can do this. XO

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