Dear Friends,

After more than two years spent working on AURA, we have decided to resign from the project team. We truly are sorry to leave the project when Alice needs support to complete the daunting list of tasks that lie ahead. However, our presence has become a distraction. We can’t stand by and watch as some try to derail a project we all care deeply about. It must succeed on behalf of all the fans who entrusted their stories to us and for those who would be helped through the project’s fundraising.

And so by mutual agreement, the two of us are stepping aside. We wish Alice the success she deserves. We trust that others will support her in completing the project she envisioned creating for Adam’s fans.

Light and Love,

J & X


Aura Questions & Answers

We have received questions about AURA, so we wanted to take this opportunity to answer them here:

1. How much will Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Fund/40toNone Project get from AURA sales?

All of the profit will go to Forty to None. The total depends on how many copies are sold. Plus, all sponsor revenues go to the charity.

2. Do you have to buy a copy of AURA to make a contribution?

No. You can make a donation directly to the True Colors Fund. We have set up the Adam Lambert Fans AURA Campaign to give fans a chance to show Cyndi Lauper and her foundation how much we appreciate their support of Adam. You can donate directly here. Continue reading

Win a Wear the Music pendant!

Wear the Music original pendant

Wear the Music original pendant

Well, we couldn’t wait to name a winner for the Pennyroyal Eye of Horus pendant, so we drew a name to mark the first week of AURA’s going public! And we have a second prize! Paula Long has donated one of her unique copper “Underneath” (#24) Wear the Music soundwave pendants to support AURA‘s campaign to raise funds for the Forty to None project for homeless LGBTQ youth.

Anyone purchasing AURA, making a donation to the Forty to None Project, or sending an email to will be automatically entered into a drawing to win this pendant. No purchase is necessary. If you act by 11:59PM, January 29, you will be eligible to win this fabulous jewelry bearing the soundwave imprint of Adam Lambert’s voice.

To order your copy of AURA, send payment to PayPal (credit card payment can also be processed by PayPal), enter the email address and click Send Money.


Place your order today for expedited shipping and a free digital version!

Donate to the Forty to None Project – and email us a copy of your receipt!

Special Offer for International Adam Lambert Fans

boeing_airmailWe are so excited to finally be nearing the production stage of AURA. So much love and TLC has gone into creating this tribute magazine, celebrating Adam Lambert and the incredible impact he has had on our lives. AURA will be printed by a premier printer in South Korea. If fans outside the U.S. and Canada want to band together and place an order of 100 copies or more, we will be able to bulk ship them to you at a significant savings.

Here are the steps:

  1. Reach out to fans in your country and see how many people are interested.
  2. Assign a reliable point person (or a team of 2 or 3 dedicated, responsible fans) to collect the funds ($24 per magazine plus local postage), names and postal addresses. Don’t send the money yet.
  3. Send an email to telling the number of copies being ordered and the address where the bulk shipment will be sent. We will get back to you with an invoice and payment instructions.
  4. When you receive the bulk shipment, you and your team will be responsible for delivering issues to the local purchasers.

DEADLINE: February 25, 2013

Become a Sponsor!

Welcome to the virtual home of the Adam Lambert tribute magazine, AURA: The Life-changing Connection Between Adam Lambert & His Fans.  

As we near AURA‘s publication date—January 29, 2013, Adam’s 31st birthday—we’re excited to take you behind the scenes, share sneak peeks and contests, keep you posted on AURA‘s progress, and answer your questions.

A fun- & fact-filled keepsake, AURA is also a fundraiser for the Forty to None project of Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Fund. We invite individuals and companies to join in sponsoring AURA because each donation will benefit homeless teens, while helping to cover up-front costs to produce, print and deliver AURA. And as the total of magazine purchases climbs, so does the percent of contribution to Forty to None.

Forty percent of homeless teens are homosexual, bisexual, transgender or questioning their sexual orientation or identity. Forty to None aims to reduce that percentage to zero. 

AURA will be treasured by fans around the world, while educating and inspiring them to support the Forty to None mission—in Adam’s honor. We’ve witnessed repeatedly the record-smashing fundraising power of Adam’s fans with previous worthy causes. We hope to unleash the same energy for the Forty to None project.

How you will benefit by sponsoring AURA:

  • Global reach to Adam’s diverse fan base
  • You’re helping LGBTQ homeless teens
  • Your support magnifies public awareness of Forty to None’s mission
  • Funds are leveraged to increase public giving

For more information, request a Sponsor Prospectus by filling out the form below:

Thank you.


Pennyroyal donates pendant for Forty to None Campaign

Pennyroyal-Adam-EOH-Front-and-BackExciting news! Tim Foster of Pennyroyal has generously donated the Eye of Horus silver medallion pendant to support AURA‘s campaign to raise funds for the Forty to None project for homeless LGBTQ youth.

UPDATED: Anyone making a purchase, a donation to the Forty to None Project, or sending an email to will be automatically entered into a drawing to win this classic jewelry – with the Eye of Horus designed by Adam himself!  No purchase is necessary.

Order your copy by sending payment to via PayPal (credit card payment can also be processed by PayPal). 

Place your order today for expedited shipping and a free digital version!

Donate to the Forty to None Project – and email us a copy of your receipt!

Pre-Order AURA now!

After many months of compiling, creating and designing, AURA is almost ready to be sent to our printer. To keep production costs down, we are having the magazines shipped by ocean, which adds about a month to delivery time. But there is a way to expedite your copy or copies’ arrival. If you pre-order now, we will ship your magazine or magazines by air freight for much earlier arrival. We will need a minimum of 500 pre-orders to make this possible.

Naturally, the more orders we receive, the greater our contribution to the Forty to None project. Forty to None is a project of Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Fund, which supports and advocates for the thousands of homeless LGBTQ teens.

If you pre-order now, you also will receive a digital version of AURA free of charge.

After all expenses are covered, profits will be donated to the Forty to None project for homeless LGBTQ youth. You may also donate directly through the Adam Lambert Fans AURA Campaign without purchasing the magazine.

Order your copy by going to PayPal (credit card payment can also be processed by PayPal) and sending payment to For information on paying by check or money order, please email 

  • Price:  USD $24.00 per copy
  • Please add postage and handling as follows:
    • $3.50 per copy for delivery within the United States
    • $6.00 per copy for delivery to Canada
    • $13.00 per copy for delivery outside the U.S. and Canada
    • For multiple copies, please calculate shipping based on 18 oz weight per copy. Use the USPS Bound Printed Matter calculator or International Calculator.

Place your order today for expedited shipping and a free digital version!


Why is the Adam Lambert tribute magazine called AURA? Is the title an acronym for Adam U– R– A– something? Is it a reference to his being a Right-handed Aquarius . . . Rocking Awesome . . . Richly Artistic . . . or Real Alien?

Not so much. The title comes from Adam’s incredible positivity, his energizing, inspirational inner and outer glow. Fans who have met Adam or been close to him during a concert have experienced the strength of his personal power, charisma, magnetic personality. You almost can’t look away. After searching for a short word that embodies Adam’s impact on people’s lives, his role as a change agent, the way he makes us feel, our friend and D.C. Glambert, Bellina Lambdin, suddenly said “Aura.” Nailed it.

AURA will capture Adam’s journey from post-“American Idol” 2009 through the end of 2012, showcasing fan impact stories and poetry . . . Top 10 firsts & favorites . . . tributes from business and entertainment leaders . . . career highlights, fun facts, awards & honors. Creative ventures inspired by Adam, fans supporting his career and concerts, fans becoming friends and crashing websites, stunning photographs, remarkable illustrations, favorite tweets, quotable quotes, and much more will enliven our 100-page tribute to Adam Mitchel Lambert.  AURA. Coming soon!

AURA is coming!

We have all felt the “Lambert Effect” – the profound feelings of transformation inspired by Adam Lambert. We have heard these stories, from fans around the world of every age, race, nationality, gender and sexual orientation. Adam has touched lives in more ways than can be counted. This amazing phenomenon deserves to be celebrated, and so AURA was born – a single-issue tribute magazine created by and for fans.

AURA will be richly illustrated and accompanied by compelling essays, heart-felt fan testimonials, beautiful photography, fan art, fun facts and stats, all packaged in an elegant, edgy design. Commentaries on Adam’s music, videos, televised performances, concerts and advocacy for Equality will be showcased along with  personal narratives and poetry reflecting the myriad ways in which he has profoundly changed lives, hearts, and minds. AURA will include special essays written exclusively for us by some of Adam’s close friends and collaborators.

Sales of AURA will raise funding for Cyndi Lauper’s Forty to None Project, a cause Adam supports. Forty to None is raising awareness about the epidemic of homelessness among LGBTQ youth and is helping these young people who have been rejected by their own families to find safe havens and a better future.

Information about how to reserve your copy of this keepsake magazine will be posted soon. Don’t miss out! Please scroll down to sign up for email alerts.